The 3 Rs to a Greener Office!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the name of the game this Wednesday of Green Office Week.

So, it’s time to focus on how you and your colleagues can find ways to cut back on your office waste. Whether it's emails, presentations or charts, we are all sometimes guilty of printing out documents when we don’t need to. And then there are those deliveries that seem to keep coming all day long, with all that excess packaging going to waste, not to mention those unwanted office items that often get thrown away. Sound familiar?

Well, with the help of Green Office Week, it’s time to focus on reducing those printouts and cut down on waste! Simple things, like using both sides of your printing paper by switching your printer to double-sided printing can literally half your paper usage.

And, why not save the packaging that your deliveries arrive in and reuse them for your own send outs with opaque labels to cover up the old addresses? When it comes to the 3 Rs, everything little thing helps, from recycling scrap paper and using it for notes to donating old office equipment and furniture for local charities to use.

So, if you’re looking for ideas to cut down on your waste, visit the Green Office Week website and discover more hints on how to make a difference.

And, don't forget to download your very own Green Offices for Dummies guide, full of useful advice and ideas on how to make your office a more sustainable place..

Be sure to keep checking back every day this Green Office Week too, right up until 18th May, for lots of simple, practical ideas on a range of green topics: from recycling tips to ideas on how to make better purchasing decisions.

Apart from great eco-ideas, the Green Office Week website has lots of fun things too just waiting to be discovered! The Green Office Week Junk Modelling Challenge is a great way to get your office thinking about upcycling and our online quiz is perfect for finding out just how much of an eco-warrior you really are!

Whatever your plans, Green Office Week is here to help you create change. So, good luck!

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