Fiskars Quik DrillTM – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Improved drilling power through design

Fiskars Quick Drill in hole_sml The Fiskars Quik Drill abandons the large helical screw thread found in more traditional designs in favor of two optimally angled boron steel blades secured around a sharp drill spike. This design assists penetrating even more resistant soil types and avoids jamming as the thread penetrates further. The exiting soil comes up in a neat pile for ease of disposal once the hole has been excavated.

The Quick Drill from Fiskars is a hand-operated earth auger for your garden and general homestead use. It makes planting potted trees and putting in fence posts a lot easier.

Whether you are planting trees, building fences, or other such tasks, Fiskars Quick Drill cuts to the point – pardon the pun – and makes digging those holes light work.

While it may look like and ice drill, and I would not be surprised if such a tool was the inspiration for the Quick Drill, it is, in fact, a garden drill or, to be more precise, an earth auger.

It is rather a simple product and simple is often superior to sophisticated and has many different uses.

First of all it make a hole in the soil and such a hole can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it to plant flowers, shrubs or trees. You can make holkes foir fence posts and other similar tasks.

The blades, which are interchangeable by use of a so-called Allen key, some in three different sizes (so far), which are 10cm, 15cm and 20cm. The latter is the largest size presently available.

I have, in my tests, planted two trees using the Fiskars Quick Drill and using it was extremely easy and the job was accomplished very quickly. Well, in the second instance it was better than in the first. In the first one I encountered some rather serious obstacles, about 20cm or so down the hole, in the form of two large, overlapping, lumps of flint. Once they were prized out it continued with ease and the depth marker on the tool's shaft makes digging to the right size easy.

A great simple tool which makes digging holes for a variety of purposes easy without the need of employing a power auger.


  • For planting hedges and trees, drilling a compost holes and installing large posts

  • Drills a smooth edged hole without getting stuck on small stones or roots

  • Handle made from FiberComp (a fiberglass reinforced polyamide) to make it extremely strong

  • Steel tube shaft for maximum strength

  • Dual cutting action with two optimally angled and sharpened blades

  • Plus Parts are attached to the shaft with screws

  • Working diameter 200mm

Made in Poland, European Union

© 2012