The United States: Not a republic but a kingdom

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While the majority of the American people believe that the forefathers established a “Constitutional Republic” the truth which but a very few realize is that the USA is nothing of the kind and nor is it a democracy.

Aside from the very fact that the Constitution is, theoretically, illegal the United States are, to all intents and purposes, nothing else but a kingdom, or an empire, with a king or emperor, as the head of state, bar with a different title. The latter in order to confuse the people.

Americans believe that they live in a democracy and in one where they, as “we the people”, directly elect their president (kind or emperor in all but name) but nothing could be further from the truth.

The election of the President is held in a conclave, much like the election of the Pope, called the “Electoral College” and it is those people create the emperor of the USA, the so-called President.

They do this even to such an extent as to appoint someone to President who is not eligible to hold that office as not being native born, as is the case with the 44th POTUS, one Barak Hussein Obama. Kenya is not part of the USA, not even by the greatest stretch of someone's imagination.

When the American colonists overthrew the British rule and monarch all they did was to replace one monarch for another; a hereditary one for a non-hereditary one. And it was just what the powers that be, which in essence have not changed, intended to happen. The people, however, got blinded into believing that they had changed things into a republic.

The great majority of the American people are blissfully unaware of what their country actually is, in real political terms, aided and abetted by an educational system that teaches them relentlessly that the USA is a democracy and in years gone by it was claimed to be a constitutional republic.

No one is aware, bar a few, either of the fact that the constitution upon which they lay so much store is, in fact, an illegal document as the delegates at congress who created this document in the later 18th century did not have the mandate to do so.

Wake up America and Americans!

© 2012