Aisen Portable 10 Peg Suction Airer – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This 10 peg suction airer from Aisen in Japan is another product that helps you dry your laundry, in this case small items such as socks, etc., in an environmentally friendly way when the weather is not the best and you can't use the outside line without having to resort the expensive to use dryer.

lk481-500 The suction attachment for this dryer works great but I would suggest to use it on window glass, or (bathroom) mirror and maybe good clean tiles only. I have tried using the airer on a smooth shiny door but without real success as the suction releases on such surfaces over a while.

On the other hand glass, such as window or mirror, while drying a load of small items of laundry for 24 hours it held on very firm indeed and needed some gentle persuasion to actually release again.

The product is, like all of the Aisen ones that I have had the pleasure to handle, designed in Japan and made in China (but what is not made in China nowadays?) and the Japanese do seem to know really something about products for small living spaces.

I found both this airer and the previously reviewed Foldable 30 Peg Indoor And Outdoor Airer invaluable during the month of April 2012 in my area as it rained almost daily and thus using the washing line outdoors just was not a possibility.

The Asien Airers I would also suggest to anyone caravaning as they take up very little space, as they fold down well.

Well made and well designed products and the 30 Peg Airer was also meanwhile tried with drying pairs or trousers and did work fine as well. Hanging them up by their legs, though, I would suggest not putting more than two pair on, one on each end, to ensure balance. This still leaves space for other things and it worked well.

Oh, and did I mention that I love their products? I do. And that a lot.

Aisen products are available from the Kusha Corporation.

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