Hand Pump Pressure Washer – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)
Hand_Pump_Pressure_Washer This hand pump pressure washer, supplied in the UK by Save Water Save Money Ltd. (www.SaveWaterSaveMoney.co.uk), is made in Poland by Marolex (www.marolex.pl).

It is, basically, a hand pump sprayer with a 12 liter capacity (just over two imperial gallons) but its different size nozzles, two of which come as standard, also enable it to become a low-power pressure washer.

Its original name at Marolex is “Auto Washer” and that is already a giveaway as far as its use is concerned. Originally it is intended for the washing of cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and such, predominately replacing the needs to mess about with a garden hose. This makes it especially ideal if you haven't got a faucet for a hosepipe anywhere near where you want to wash you car or, in my case, as I do not own a car, bicycle.

This is something that I did to really give it a test run and the bicycle in question has some real grease and dirt accumulated almost everywhere. A little use of some Plusgas followed by the use of this hand pump pressure washer and the bike – which is, after all, a rebuild from a number of abandoned bicycles – looked almost new.

The hand pump pressure washer is also a great way to beat any hosepipe ban such as the one in force since April 1, 2012 in a large part of England.

The Marolex Hand Pump Pressure Washer (Auto Washer) is probably one of the most versatile water-saving products I have come across. No hosepipe. No electricity. Water saving at its best and thus also it scores quite well on the sustainability scale.

It requires neither on electricity nor a hosepipe, so you can use it for just about everything, at any time and anywhere, whether at home or in a remote field. This makes it a great tool also and especially for the off-gridder and homesteader.

With its adjustable pressurised water spray delivered through a handy trigger system, you can use water efficiently and effectively, choosing to apply a range of sprays from concentrated jet to a fine mist.
Here are just some of the uses that the Hand Pump Pressure Washer could come in handy for:
  • Washing the car – you can clean a 4 door saloon with under 10 litres of water
  • For those with babies and young kids, it’s ideal to jet wash muddy pram wheels
  • This will come in handy for sports enthusiasts, who’d prefer to clean their equipment before they pack it in the car – mountain bikes, canoes, rugby balls…. the list is endless
  • Cleaning windows – the jet will reach out-of-reach first floor windows
  • Gardeners will love this because they can carry it to those far reaches of the garden where their hosepipe just won’t reach. Or to water the lawn when buying a thirsty sprinkler is not practical.
Using the red nozzle a fine mist can be produced and the nozzle can be adjusted to give also a quite powerful jet, the latter which may be too powerful for plants though. However, mid-range adjustment should be just right. Absolutely ideal for watering plants in the garden.

The hand pump pressure washer is a lot easier to use when watering plants, especially with “deep root” planters of the kind that I use for vegetable growing, than a watering can. The latter, in this case, often requires lifting to a height above the plants which is well over 5 foot. Not very comfortable with a full watering can. No such problem with this sprayer.

The lime day glow colored nozzle is the one that you want to be using for the pressure washing of cars and bikes. Please, however, do not expect it to deliver the same pressure as a Kärcher or similar pressure washer with electric pump and fed from the mains water supply.

The Hand Pump Pressure Washer from Save Water Save Money Ltd. is a very versatile device and a great tool for anyone, especially those in hosepipe use restrictions and the off-gridder and homesteader without mains electricity and/or water.

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