Freedom in danger

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Now is the time, once again, for all freedom-loving people everywhere, whatever age, political color and persuasion and creed and especially the working classes, to come together as to and to combat the threats that are coming towards us.

The Brown Menace is rising again all over Europe but that is only one of the threats to our freedom. The greatest threat comes from our very own governments.

Everywhere freedom is coming under attack and that also and especially from our own, supposedly, democratic governments, whether in Germany, Britain, or in the United States of America.

Often this attack comes in the guise of the so-called “war on terror”, of fighting Islamist and other terrorism, and false-flag operations have been used in the same way as they were in the 1030s with the burning of the Reichstag in Berlin in 1933, which was blamed on the Communists and led to the banning of the Communist parties in German, and the “attack” on the Gleiwitz radio transmitter in 1939, which was blamed on the Poles and was used as the pretext for the invasion of Poland, the start of World War Two.

Today the enemy of freedom has much more powerful weapons at his disposal than he had then, but so do we, the people. That is the very reason why the powers that be wish to limit our access to those weapons.

We must not allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep by the claims that this and that measure is needed to protect us and our children from terrorist attacks. That is the rhetoric of those that want to oppress us and we must not permit them to control, for instance, the Internet and our communications via that medium and others, under the pretext and pretense of wanting to protect our children from online pornography, etc. That it utter, as our Asutalian cousins would call it, bull dust.

Those are all but lies of those that are afraid that the public can get knowledge and information from sources other than from the media that they control. This can also be seen in the fact that YouTube, by order of the US government, suspended the video channels of Russia Today.

The greatest weapon is not a gun, nor is it a nuclear bomb; the greatest and most powerful weapon is information control and the control over our means of getting information and over our channels of communications.

Our leaders fear a population that is educated and that thinks for itself and that has true information from various sources at its disposal. It is for that very reason that they are working to curb our freedoms and our freedom of access to information.

If the masses cannot get information from sources other than those controlled by their leaders then they will do almost anything that they leaders suggest to the via controlled media, and this could only too well be seen in Nazi Germany, and other totalitarian regimes, before and after.

Already now, while we still have access to other, even alternative, media, the great majority are under the spell of the media controlled by the powers that be, whoever they may be, as the majority have not learned how to use discernment.

Because of this serious lack of discernment and also an almost rigid belief that everything in our “free” newspapers, radio and TV is true (it must be true, it said so in the papers and on TV you often hear) the masses are blinded.

Schools don't teach much about politics, history and discernment and that is just the way that the ruling classes want it.

Everyone also seems to have been brainwashed into this mindset that the government is the only thing that can keep us safe from all those threats. And the people are, in fact, discouraged to protect themselves in any way. They are told that is the job of the police and security apparatus. They must not “take the law into their own hands” they are told again and again.

The masses need to learn how to think and how to question more and learn that it is up to themselves to keep themselves safe and must demand the right to be allowed to do so again.

There was a time, even in Britain, when people understood that their security and safety was their job and people carried the appropriate defensive tools on them, predominately in the form of cudgel and other fighting stick.

In Britain now it is basically the case that if you beat up an attacker or an intruder in your home it is you who will get charged with a crime while the real criminal goes free and may even given compensation for his injuries received while engaged in a criminal activity. Who says that crime does not pay?

We, the people, must take our freedoms back and tell the power that be where to get off and also that they are only there because we have let them be there.

The problem, however, is that too many people have become far too lazy to, so it would appear, do anything for themselves and this is how we have, to some degree, arrived at the point that we are now. A point where we are observed about a thousand times per day by overt and covert CCTV cameras and other means and soon, in the UK for starters, all means of communications will be monitored by the security apparatus.

It is for our own safety and security we are told and the masses believe it and clamour for still more cameras and surveillance when even the ordinary cops tell us that cameras neither make the streets any safer nor deter nor solver many crimes. All it is about is total people control.

The British government is now, as I have already indicated, putting measures in place to intercept, monitor and store everyone's communications, from emails, over instant messenger service communications, Internet searches, websites visited, material downloaded, to all mobile and landline telephone traffic; and all this without the need for a warrant. The next move rumored is the monitoring also of all postal traffic.

This is all, so the masses are told, and the majority appear to believe it, for our own good and safety and security and if we don't have anything to hide then we have nothing to worry about. And the sheep believe it and swallow it hook, line and sinker, and as for more all the way to the abattoir.

Our freedoms, our often hard won freedoms, are under attack and are in danger from our supposedly democratic governments on every level and now they are preparing to meet, in the USA for starters, any dissent with indefinite detention in internment and reeducation facilities and internal exile.

When the masses demanded protection and ever more protection the people gave the governments the proverbial little finger and the governments took not just one hand but both and slapped handcuffs on.

Reports have come from Germany that known protesters have been served with injunction telling them that they can no longer travel to certain places to attend demonstrations, for instance. I assume the need for passes to travel anywhere within the country will be required soon.

Time for all to rise and shine and take our freedoms and our security into our own hands and take our countries back.

© 2012