Why smoke when you can vape?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Vaping is the healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to smoking

world-vaping-day-blue1Today, March 22, 2012, is World Vaping Day, a worldwide event to celebrate and recognize the phenomenal success of the new alternative to smoking, electronic cigarettes!

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, as they are commonly called, are the new answer to smoking, and present an evolution of a recreation that is still enjoyed by billions of people all across the world, but without the 5,300 chemicals identified so far in cigarette smoke.

All an e-cigarette produces is a cool water-based mist that has far less potential for harm. We know exactly what is in the vapor, and it doesn’t have any of the tar, carbon monoxide or large amounts of carcinogens that cigarette smoke has. This is why so many professors of medicine and doctors’ associations have backed the e-cigarette.

Are they safe you may ask and the answer will have to be probably, for there will never be a 100% to almost anything. However, as far as we know they are. And we know that because we know exactly what is in them.

The main ingredients of e-cigarettes are the same as used in asthma inhalers and the nebulizers used by lung transplant patients, and they have been in use and studied for 70 years without any evidence of harm. Add nicotine, if desired though not compulsory, and flavoring, and that’s it. This is why there is a long list of senior medical figures who have endorsed them. So many of the senior public health figures who have investigated them have approved them that we are very confident they are much safer than smoking tobacco.

While I am no doctor and do not wish to make any claims as to health benefits and such for the e-cigarette I have found that, being an ex-smoker who gave up real smoking some twelve or thirteen years ago and who developed some sort of asthma after giving up, that my asthma cough, which I would suffer from nearly every morning, has gone since using the e-cigarette, in my case my favorite, after reviewing a number of them, the Vapestick MAX.

Vaping is also, even considering the fact that new components, aside from the refills, such as new atomizers (they have a limited lifespan) and new batteries (again the lifespan is limited), cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, and especially so in the UK where we have just been hit with another increase in the duties on cigarettes and other tobacco products.

As of 6 pm on March 21, 2012 a packet of 20 cigarettes is now about seven Pounds or more even, depending on the brand. Vaping runs much cheaper even, as said before, the cost of the consumables.

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