Blue Ridge Bracket Company Inspires Balcony Garden Ideas For Urban Gardeners

Rockit Brand Brackets give urban gardeners, renters, and apartment owners the option of container gardening and decorating. These unique brackets attach to most pickets with no tools or clamps

Deck with Rockit Brand Brackets

Asheville, NC, March 2012 : In the past, people who live in apartments, or small spaces in urban areas, were limited in gardening possibilities. Thanks to Rockit brand brackets, balcony garden ideas are abundant for urban gardeners and apartment dwellers, whether they rent or own. Consumers with wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, wood, or composite decks and balconies can add flower pots, bird feeders, planters, shelves and decorations to their outdoor areas with the innovative Rockit brand brackets. This is essential for renters because there is no need to drill holes or cause structural damage to rented property to have a beautiful patio or balcony garden.

Blue Ridge Bracket Company's entire line of brackets attach to pickets from 1 and ¼ “to a standard 2” picket in seconds with no tools required. With the addition of their wrought iron adapters, the brackets will attach to wrought iron, vinyl, aluminum and composite pickets any size between ½” to 1 and 1/4”. Consumers with wrought iron balconies have shown great enthusiasm for this line of products thanks to their ability to create a garden in a way that was previously impossible. Rockit brand brackets give apartment dwellers the ability to add privacy to their balcony as well as add a unique look to their neighborhood. Urban gardeners can grow broccoli, carrots, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach ,and a plethora of other vegetables and fruits from the comfort of their balconies, patios or decks. Space is not a problem since flower pots and planters can be elevated or hung to maximize the area available. Another feature of Rockit brand brackets is that they can be moved in seconds. This means that a plant can be moved throughout the day to maximize or minimize sun exposure.

BB Barnes Garden Center in Asheville, North Carolina, is one of the many distributors of Rockit Brand Brackets. Ian Farthing, sales manager at BB Barnes is very impressed with the reception this product gets from his customers. He said, “this is a product that sells itself.” He adds, “all we have to do is put it on display, and customers are intrigued by it's simplicity.” The simplicity of the bracket is the feature that inspires an “ah-ha” moment in almost everyone who sees it. According to Trent Van Dyke, CEO of Blue Ridge Bracket Company, most customers respond to seeing the brackets by saying,    “It's so simple, how did I not think of that?” Thanks to the simplicity of this ingenious product, consumers everywhere now have the ability to create elaborate deck, patio, and balcony gardens in seconds with no tools, clamps or frustration.

Blue Ridge Bracket Company is based in Asheville, North Carolina, and carries products for gardening, birding and seasonal decorating. Blue Ridge Bracket Company ships to hundreds of independent garden centers, wild bird stores, and hardware stores across the United States and Canada. For more information on Blue Ridge Bracket Company or their products, please visit

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