The New UK E-liquid Company T-juice is Experiencing High Sales Volumes in their First Week of Business

T-Juice, the new and exciting e-liquid start up, has already clocked over 100 orders from new customers in their first seven days of going live to the public

T-Juice opened their doors to the public and launched their new website only a little over a week ago. Since then they have experienced a lot of demand for this new and exciting product. E-Liquid is the stuff that you put into electronic cigarettes to vaporise and inhale. This vaporised e-liquid gives you the same emotional and psychological feeling as smoking but without a lot of the nasty stuff like carbon monoxide and tar.

T-juice started their brand so that consumers could be confident in what they are ‘putting in their pipe’ and vaping. Their quality product only contains ingredients that are EU sourced. A lot of the electronic cigarettes on the market come with Chinese made e-liquid which causes concern for many western authorities, as batch control is very difficult to regulate.

“I am truly surprised by the massive demand for our product over the last week; it seems that people are happy to pay a little bit more for quality. We are in the process of getting reviews done by some of the most respected people in the business. We are then planning to engage in test drives with electronic cigarette companies and consumers. All of this feedback is extremely important as it helps us to improve our products and process.

Over the next year we hope to become one of Europe’s top e-liquid brands and have a large international network of resellers and partners. This fledgling market is growing at an exponential rate and we are hopefully in the perfect position to grow fast.” commented Richard Jones of T-Juice.

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