Ideal Home Show 2012 – Visit Report

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Impressions: Aside from the Prince's House with sustainable ideas – and it was so busy that I found it impossible to get in – there was, as far as I am concerned, not much to write (home) about, so to speak.

Some companies did have some interesting products for sure and the ones that really caught my attention were in the Prince's Pavilion. The latter is a brilliant idea but must really be enlarged and enhanced.

In fact, the idea of the Prince's Pavilion I find to be a great one and it could really become a serious asset to the show if it can be expanded to include many more small companies and start-ups and especially here those that concentrate on handmade in the UK and in this field those that specialize in upcycled and recycled products.

However, as regards to products for the home, etc., of the recycled and upcycled category and nature maybe, just maybe, a separate small show is required in London or the Greater London area. While the UK Aware show does though on that subject a little a separate show of recycled and upcycled products, I believe, would really work well. And here especially also a show where ideas are going to be presented of the “How-To” nature that will make people think as to how they can make things for themselves.

As far as the Ideal Home Show is concerned I am well aware that that is not its main brief and thus it is not the show itself that is at fault. On the other hand there was not much, really, on the new side that is and was worth even writing about bar, maybe, the Black & Decker range of cordless vacuum cleaners.

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