MO Bacter gives you a moss-free lawn

DJ TURFCARE has launched a new 7.5 kilo bag for the award-winning MO Bacter – the organic lawn fertiliser that destroys moss by indirect action and eliminates debris by bacterial action, avoiding the need to rake.

It has been trialled on BBC TV’s Beechgrove Garden series in Scotland and has, up till now, only been available in 20 kilo bags.

The new size bag will treat up to 75 square metres, while 20 kilos will treat up to 200 square metres.

“MO Bacter has proved one of our most successful organic lawn products,” says managing director David Jenkins.

The BTME (BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition) award-winning product has received much praise from both professional and amateur gardeners alike.

MO Bacter is an organic slow-release granular fertiliser from Viano of Belgium, which eradicates moss, feeds grass for three months and improves the soil.

Moss dies as a result of excess potassium but leaves no black debris. The dead moss is then digested by the bacteria in MO Bacter (npk: 5-5-20). The product does not stain stonework, patios or paths.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has seen remarkable results in which two inches of moss at one cemetery in Oxfordshire was virtually eliminated in six months, with no need for scarifying to remove debris. And headstones were completely unmarked.

Renowned head groundsman Eddie Seaward tested MO Bacter and said he found it to be “very effective and very efficient.”

The product is harmless to animals and wildlife and will not damage border plants.

“MO Bacter is revolutionising the way moss is treated on grass near stonework,” says David Jenkins.

DJ Turfcare, based in Surrey, is sole UK distributor for Viano products.

*MO Bacter, which is granular, is available for both professional and domestic users.

What is MO Bacter?
MO Bacter is an organic slow-release granular fertiliser based on the NPK formulation 5-5-20 (Nitrogen 5percent Phosphate 5percent and Potassium 20percent). It also contains a natural bacteria (Bacillus sp.).

What does it do?
MO Bacter applies the three essential nutrients to the turf on your lawn and an extra dose of potassium, which moss cannot survive. The moss dies as a result of the secondary action of this potassium overdose, while grass strength is greatly improved.

Within three to four weeks of application, under ideal conditions, you will see the moss go brown. A short time afterwards this dead moss will start to disappear, the bacteria in MO Bacter digesting the dead material.

The slow-release granules will continue to supply nutrients to the grass plants for up to three months, ensuring a healthy lawn that you will be proud of.

How is it applied?
By hand or spreader at the rate of one handful (about 200 grammes) per two square metres. A 20 kilo bag will treat 200 square metres.
It does not matter if it rains afterwards. MO Bacter works best when the soil temperature reaches 10degC so warm damp conditions are ideal.

When is it applied?
MO Bacter can be applied from March through to July for healthy grass and moss elimination but can also be very successful when used in early autumn for acting as a moss control throughout the winter.

How is it stored?
Keep MO Bacter in cool dry conditions, stored in the plastic bag and secured at the top. You can continue to use the product for up to 12 months after the bag has been opened. It should keep well if you ensure the bag is not in damp conditions.

What are the advantages of MO Bacter?
There are five main advantages: MO Bacter is Organic, Slow-release, Does not mark stonework, Does not harm children, animals or plants, Destroys moss while eradicating debris – which means no raking.

Where can I get advice on MO Bacter?
Simply call DJ Turfcare on 01483 200976 and the friendly staff will be pleased to help. They have many years of experience in the turfcare industry and should be able to offer advice on all your lawn problems.

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