Stressed-out Brits choose chocolate over fruit

A whopping 80% of British workers choose junk food over healthy alternatives as a remedy for stress, a recent survey by office fruit delivery company Fruitdrop reveals. A tiny 7% of Brits eat fruit to raise their spirits on a bad day, instead choosing to reach for unhealthy comfort foods such as chocolate, crisps and biscuits.

Fruitdrop’s survey reveals 65% of those choosing unhealthy snacks when stressed reach for sweet treats, with 53% of women favouring chocolate. Many Brits have also adopted the bad habit of routinely skipping lunch, so it seems natural that cravings for high-energy sugary snacks may surface.

A tiny 2% of 18-24 year olds say that they eat fruit when their spirits are low, whereas over 55s are much more likely to opt for a fruity snack when stressed, with a much healthier 13% selecting this option.

Ben Thompson, managing director of Fruitdrop, believes that offices can support their workers in adopting a healthier routine, “Employers can help their workforce to stay healthy with a weekly fruit box delivery, having fresh fruit to hand in the office means a healthy choice is an easy choice on a busy day.”

Thompson continues, “Fruitdrop fruit boxes start at just £20, containing enough fruit for up to 25 employees for a week, a small investment for a healthy workplace. At Fruitdrop, we believe that a healthy office is a happy office, a weekly fruit delivery is the perfect starting point for this change.”

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N.B. Survey conducted by OnePoll

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