Three Reasons This Is The Year To Go Green

Lets Go Green ATLANTA, GA, March 2012 : is an online store selling hundreds of eco-friendly home, office and business products at every day low prices. The company was founded by CEO Kyle Jodice in 2007. After seeing a TV special by Diane Sawyer on Earth Day that year, he had what he calls a “lightbulb moment.”

“I wasn’t any ‘greener’ than the next person,” he says. “I considered myself the average consumer. I think most people want to do their part to help the environment but don’t know where to start and certainly aren’t going to do so by going solar or putting a windmill in their yard. So to me it was all about the little changes everyone could make at home or work, starting with myself.”

Five years later, he sees a growth trend in the eco-friendly marketplace, and believes that 2012 is the best time ever for consumers to go “green” for three reasons:

1. Price. At the end of the day, consumers aren’t necessarily willing to pay more for “green” products. So recently slashed prices site wide—some by as much as 25% or more. “We just began carrying the new Bobble Jug, which is like a Brita pitcher, only newer and cooler,” he says. “Bobble has the same product on their own site on sale for $29.99, while our regular price is now $29.48. And that’s just one example.”

2. Gas. If you’ve filled up your tank lately, you’re probably in shock. Gas seems to be going up every day, and looks like it will continue to do so. offers free shipping on orders over $49, so you can stay home, save gas, and let them deliver the kinds of eco-friendly products you use every day—from recycled paper goods to compostable plates, cups, utensils, and hundreds of others—to your door for free.

3. Taxes. “Gas is just one of the hidden costs of going out to shop,” Jodice says. “Taxes are another. As an online-only retailer, we charge no sales tax, which is something your local superstore can’t say. And the more you spend, the more you save. So having basics like toilet paper, napkins, cleaning products, and eco-friendly trash bags shipped to your door on a regular basis can really add up in terms of savings.” This year, he says, Earth Day isn’t just about the environment, but also the economy. “People are very cost-conscious right now, and it’s important to us to be able to save them money on the things they’re going to buy anyway.”

4. Okay, there’s one more. “All things being equal, when you use products that are friendlier to the environment plus cost less to buy and bring home, you feel good knowing you’re part of the solution and not the problem,” Jodice says. And what’s that worth? “That,” he says, “is priceless.”

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