It is happening: Alternative news channel on YouTube suspended

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Russia Today video channel on YouTube has been suspended because You Tube, or better the US government, and the powers that be that run the US regime, did not like the fact that Russia Today exposes goings on in the USA (and elsewhere) in the so-called “free world”.

RussiaToday-YouTube-Channel-Suspended The reason that YouTube give for the suspension of the account, as car be seen from the screenshot (not mine, I hasten to ad) is “multiple and severe violations against YouTube's policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content”.

In other words Russia Today's account was suspended because they were giving a different slant and take on the official news that is being put out by the powers that be that run the USA (and other so-called free countries).

If Russia, on the other hand, would have suspended a US news channel anywhere the outcry would have been huge from the side of those that have caused YouTube to suspend Russia Today, no doubt.

When the powers that be don't like something then they take measures, under the strangest of rules, to make sure that this outlet is closed down. I guess the news from Russia Today came a little too close to the truth and people were given an alternative picture to that which is being presented by the news media that are owned and operated by people with a hidden agenda.

They talk about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press in other countries but when it comes to the home turf the story seems to be an entirely different one and alternative voice are suppressed, nay even silenced.

So much for freedom of this and that... it is but an illusion.

© 2012