Gtech HT04 Cordless Garden Multi Tools – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)


With a powerful 18V rechargeable battery and a wide range of interchangeable heads, the HT04 is an invaluable tool for a huge range of trimming, cutting and pruning tasks all around the garden.

Ultimate flexibility from the HT04:

Multi-purpose interchangeable heads:

The HT04 comes, as standard with a hedge trimmer and branch cutter blades. You can turn your HT04 into the ultimate all round tool for the garden with our wide range of extra attachments, including grass shears and a patio cleaner from our online shop. All attachments are incredibly easy to take on or off, with just the press of a button.

Lightweight design:
At only 2.5kg, the HT04 is incredibly easy to move around and use for longer periods of time. Indeed it is up to 3 times lighter than other cordless hedge trimmers.

Powerful performance:
All Gtech blades are diamond ground and are very tough. They are driven by a powerful 18V NiCad battery, which means the HT04 can easily cut through a huge variety of garden debris, from long thick grass, with the grass trimmer to thick branches with the branch cutter.

HT04 prod description

The HT04 Cordless Garden Multi Tool from Gtech is a powerful battery-powered multi tool and both hedge trimmer and branch saw performed very well indeed in the trials.

This Cordless Garden Multi Tool has a very impressive cutting action on both the hedge trimmer and the branch saw considering that it is a battery-powered tool for domestic use.

It has to be remembered though that when using the branch cutter the head of the tool must be angled in such a way that the cutting action is – more or less – from above, especially if branches are a little on the thicker side. This is in order to avoid trapping the saw blade.

I must say that I have been positively impressed with the cutting ability of both cutting tools, and would like to add that I am not someone who gets impressed easily by any product.

The blades of the fixed section of the hedge cutter, the one against which the moving bladed cut, are of the “hobby” style, as I would call it, with long rounded edges thus protecting the user somewhat from accidentally coming in contact with the cutting blades themselves. And while this is the case care must be taken nevertheless when using the tool.

The HT04 gives you about 45-50 minutes of cutting time and recharge time of the battery from empty is about 4-5 hours; with the supplied sped charger. At least it was supplied with the sample that I received.

This is, as indicated, a cordless tool for domestic use only; there is a limit to what it can cut in way of both hedges and branches. Then again, there is also a limit to what professional tools can cut. Only far too many people forget that and expect too much and thereby ruin many a good tool.

The HT04 Cordless Garden Multi Tool is another great tool from Gtech.

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