No light aircraft over London during 2012 Olympics

Pilots of light aircraft warned they will be shot down if they fly anywhere over London during the Olympics

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Westland_apache_wah-64d_longbow From what sources have indicated it would appear that the skies over the British capital will be totally militarized during the forthcoming 2012 Olympic Games held there this summer.

Light aircraft pilots have been warned, including flying schools, not to stray in any way into the airspace over the capital during the games as they will face immediate use of force.

Apparently Apache helicopters and other such gunships will patrol the skies over London with fully armed weapon systems.

If I now wedge my conspiracy theorist hat firmly in place on my head I could start to wonder as to whether there is more to this than meets the eye and as to whether the British public is to be softened up by this to accept military on the streets and in the sky, even after the event.

The fact is that the military will be on the streets also, during the Games, as “additional” security, we are told, during the Olympics and an Assault Ship with Royal Marine Commandos will be moored in the Thames near Tower Bridge.

It would be good advice for anyone to steer well clear of London during the actual Olympic Games and even the run-up to them actually starting up.

People working in London have already been told they should not be traveling into London or out of London on trains, etc., during the peak times when visitors and VIPs are going to travel to the games venues from all over the capital as, apparently, those headed to the games, and especially the VIPs, will have priority everywhere including on public transport and the railway services.

According to some sources, demonstrations of any kind, even peaceful sit ins and others, be they against certain policies at home, or happenings in other countries, or environmental issues, will be, in the run up to and especially during the Olympics, considered unlawful and could be regarded as acts of (domestic) terrorism and dealt with under the Terrorism Act.

Nice one... NOT! All liberties suspended, it would appear, for the durations of the Games. Or is there even more in the offing; things that we are not able to determine as yet? One can but wonder...

The Second World War was fought against governments who used repressive measures against their peoples, with Britain in the forefront in this supposed battle for freedom, and now it would appear that the very country that sacrificed so many of their your men on the battlefield is introducing the same methods.

The mother of modern democracy is becoming a totalitarian police state if we don't do something about it and against it.

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