Lakeland Garden 2012 Catalog – Preview

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

If it hasn't happened already then in the next couple of days or so the Lakeland Garden 2012 Catalog will be dropping through people's letterboxes.

This years catalog is, probably, the best Garden Catalog from Lakeland today and it is full to the brim with interesting products for those wishing to grow and produce their own food, grow a great flower garden and utilize their garden as a outdoor room.

The catalog this Spring comes with a free packet of Basil Sweet Green seeds from Thompson & Morgan and this is definitely one herb I hope will grow and stay with me. I don't seem to have too much luck with growing herbs – don't ask me why – especially those of the woody variety such as sage, etc.

The new and most interesting, in my opinion, additions to the Garden Catalog and those that got my interest are quite a few and, in fact, more really than those that I have listed below.

However, let's get started...

On page 3 we find the ZIGG ZAGG range of planters which even to me are entirely new.

Page 5 presents us with one of the best tools, besides your own hands, for the backyard potato grower during harvest in the form of the Burgon & Ball “Potato Harvester”. This is the same that we have reviewed here on the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW a while back.

The Easy 2 Grow Kit on page 6 is also another product that is very much a new one to me and one that looks ideal for anyone wishing to grow tomatoes, for instance, in a small space. Not that I will be bothering with tomatoes again as for the last number of years my tomatoes all died of death for some reason or other though mainly due to the blight.

For growing fresh herbs on your window sill in your kitchen the Self-Watering Herb Pot on page 10 appears to be another great product.

And on goes the list with Seed Rolls on page 11 and the Omlet Eglu on page 12. The latter is for anyone considering having some hens for eggs in the back garden. Not that the coop and all are cheap but they are easy care rather than the wooden hen houses which tend to harbor mites and other nasties.

A plant food maker we find on page 16 of the catalog followed immediately by a wormery on the next page. All great for making food for your plants.

This year Lakeland are also offering young plants of all kinds including sweet potatoes and we certainly don't see those, in plant form, very often in catalogs. A number of fruit trees are also available in this catalog including the rather new apple variety “Redlove” which, if I am not mistaken, was only launched in summer last year by Sutton Seeds on the RHS shows in the London area. This can be grown in a container on the patio and is again something for those who do not have a large garden.

This is only a very small selection of what is featured in this years Lakeland Garden Catalog and it is all worth a look at least.

I am sure everyone will find something in their that he or she would wish to acquire.

Right, now it's time to get into the garden and actually do something...

© 2012