T-Juice is new UK based E-Liquid company focusing on quality ingredients and amazing new flavours

With the majority of electronic cigarette e-liquid being made in China with local products and testing protocols, a London based brand called T-Juice has created a new range of high quality e-liquid, made in the UK with EU sourced ingredients.

USA Silver_web T-juice is an exciting new London based start-up, which is catering for the needs of both seasoned vapers and gateway smokers by launching a new range of e-liquid flavours. E-liquid is used in all electronic cigarette devices and is what is vapourised when inhaled.

E-liquids consist of a mix of propylene glycol (used in nightclub/stage smoke machines, as well as pharmaceutical products); glycerine (also used in pharmaceuticals, as well as foods); nicotine (there wouldn't be much value in an e-cig without it!); and flavourings. The propylene glycol part offers the vaper more ‘throat kick’, where as the glycerine brings more sweetness to the mix.

“Our raison d'etre is to produce an extremely high quality smoke juice made from EU sourced ingredients and true pharmaceutical grade nicotine. T-Juice is a customer centric company and really values all feedback. This will keep us on top of our game and the good juice flowing.”

“We have kept the flavour range down to a cool thirteen as we don't want to bombard our customers with too many at the start. It’s like the difference between going to a nice restaurant and having a few quality things to choose from, or getting one of those take away menus with over 100 dishes of microwave food. T-juice is focused on quality, not quantity. However, we cater for wholesale requirements too, and hope to soon work with large European brands and resellers,” commented Nige Richards, flavour creator at T-Juice.

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