Family business continues to survive recession, thanks to the power of the internet

It is clear how important online marketing is to any business, after all the consumer goes directly to the internet when searching which is why companies have a duty to make themselves visible or risk becoming a needle in a haystack.

Outdoor equipment specialists Taunton Leisure have grabbed online marketing by the horns and as a result have seen business grow substantially…a clear online presence has made all the difference.

“Site visibility in search is key, we all know from strong independent customer feedback that we have the products, prices and service to match and exceed customer expectations but we need to be able to get in front of more customers” Jon Mayo, Taunton Leisure.

Effective online marketing through various avenues including search engine optimisation is the most cost effective and efficient way of improving ranking results and in effect brand recognition and an increase in sales follows; “we were drawn to Caroco because of the SEO work that needed to be done, they have the ability to set out in terms the SEO process and the way that this will help us meet our goals; they have the ability to work with a smaller team to understand the work being undertaken.”

“We’re really pleased to be working with such a reputable firm like Taunton Leisure and aim to help them stay on top and grow thanks to our specialist SEO services” Nigel Copley, Director Caroco Internet Marketing.

With an ever increasing popularity in music festivals, camping and hiking trips quality outdoor equipment, particularly camping equipment is hard to find but with a strong marketing strategy, Taunton Leisure have been able to increase their online presence tenfold proving that online marketing can provide a much needed boost even in a recession.

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