KYOCERA Mita (KYOCERA), one of the world's leading document solutions companies, is urging UK businesses to get involved in sustainability this month and participate in Climate Week(12-18th March) and Earth Hour.

KYOCERA applauds the awareness generated by Climate Week and Earth Hour


Supported by PM David Cameron and Sir Paul McCartney Climate Week is Britain’s campaign to highlight climate issues and promote positive change for the environment. Earth Hour, sponsored by MORE TH>N, takes place at 8:30pm on Saturday 31st March and inspires people to reduce their energy demand. As well as encouraging its own staff to take part in Earth Hour at home, KYOCERA is encouraging UK businesses to ensure that all lights and non-essential electrical equipment are turned off on Friday 30th March and over that weekend.

Tracey Rawling Church, KYOCERA Mita UK Director of Brand and Reputation says: “KYOCERA applauds the awareness generated by Climate Week and Earth Hour – particularly the efforts of British businesses to take sustainable action as we approach RIO+20, the 20th anniversary of both the first Rio Earth Summit and the launch of our first ECOSYS sustainable laser printers. Designed to reduce the amount of waste and raw materials associated with office printing, our ECOSYS range has always been designed to be both sustainable and economical. The business benefits of going green reach far beyond altruistic motives. Research shows that businesses with a strong sustainability strategy also tend to perform better in shareholder returns.”

Accenture states that future business winners will craft a powerful and actionable strategy for sustainability and ensure a long-term commitment to sustainability permeates the organisation. Accenture research* has found that companies which adopt sustainable business strategies and practices drive value by: growing revenue through new products and services; reduce costs through efficiency gains; manage operational and regulatory risk more effectively; and build intangible assets such as their brand, reputation and collaborative networks.

KYOCERA is challenging British businesses large and small to minimise waste and improve their energy efficiency by making just a few small changes. There is plenty of room for improvement as KYOCERA’s Printonomics research shows:

  • The average UK office worker gets through 6,000 sheets of paper per year which equates to 25 sheets per day. Of those a shocking 3,720 (62%) are unnecessary or wasted (1,140 could be printed double-sided; 900 could be read on-screen instead; 660 are printed for proof-reading; 420 sheets are unnecessary duplicates; 300 are the wrong documents; and 300 sheets are left forgotten on the printer)
  • 40% of office workers have seen confidential documents left on a printer in the last year
  • 1/5th of IT time is still spent on supporting printers and 80% of IT Managers think that the efficiency of their printing could be improved

Decarbonising the average British office is easy with these simple steps:

  • Always use “print preview” to check the document before printing – especially if you are printing several copies
  • Never print something just to read it once
  • Always print double-sided
  • For internal documents, consider printing several pages to a sheet
  • Only print the page(s) you need, not the entire document
  • Only print the number of copies you actually need
  • Reduce the size of the font (or images) rather than letting just a few lines run on to a second page
  • Scan and email documents rather than send a hard copy
  • Make sure paper- and power-save functions are implemented
  • Always turn off devices at the end of the day

KYOCERA was the first company to develop and launch a range of sustainable laser printers designed to reduce the amount of waste and raw materials associated with office printing. Twenty years later KYOCERA’s ECOSYS range still leads the way in sustainable document solutions.
*Accenture ‘Driving Value from integrated Sustainability: High Performance Lessons from the Leaders’

KYOCERA MITA is one of the world's leading office document solutions companies. Its product range consists of ECOSYS printers, reliable multifunctional systems and wide format devices, completed by supplies, efficient document solutions and comprehensive services. KYOCERA MITA provides innovative products, built on a foundation of long-life components, allowing it to offer its customers low total cost of ownership and high efficiency in any workplace.

KYOCERA MITA Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of KYOCERA Corporation, which marked its 50th anniversary in 2009. Ranked no. 418 on Forbes magazine’s 2009 “Global 2000” listing of the world’s largest publicly traded companies, KYOCERA Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-tech ceramics, electronic components, solar cells and electronic office equipment. KYOCERA Corporation’s long-term growth strategy is to focus on business that supports telecommunications, information processing, environmental protection and the preservation of quality of life.

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