These butts are made for watering

Capture your rainwater and do it now

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

There may be months to go until high summer but there are already warnings from the Environment Agency that Britain is facing a severe drought in 2012 after the driest winter on record. In fact, at the very end of February a drought was declared in some parts of the south of the UK.

1042-main_1 Reservoirs were already low at the beginning of last year and 2011 was the driest year in England and Wales for 90 years. Without heavy rainfall over the rest of winter and spring, extreme water shortages could hit many parts of the country – meaning hosepipe bans and parched gardens.

The advice is act now to save your garden from suffering this summer. Sankey, leading UK manufacturer of garden and horticultural products, has a range of water butts that capture the rain when it does fall, so your gardens continue to blossom and bloom without running the reservoirs dry.

By the peak summer months as much as 70% of household water supply is used in the garden and this is usually when water companies are least able to meet demand. Water butts are the perfect solution. Easily connected to a downpipe with a diverter, Sankey Water Butts provide gardens with on demand rainwater. With less mineral salts and deposits than mains supply, rainwater is the finest option for plants. In reducing water usage and ensuring a supply of pure rainwater, gardeners can protect both pockets and precious plants.

Sankey offers a range of Water Butts that accommodate individual style, space and preference. Whether your garden is a traditional or contemporary, bijou or immense, there is a water butt perfect for that space.

Sankey has a number of different models in different designs a capacity>

  • The Beehive Water Butt is a rotary molded pot in realistic terracina finish. Available in two sizes – 150 liter at RRP £79.99 (pictured) and 300 litre at RRP £154.99. Accessories include a Premier Water Butt stand with an RRP of £29.99

  • The stylish Water Barrel is available in 113 liter at RRP £81.99 and 177 litre at RRP £89.99, and well, it looks like an old-fashioned wooden barrel but, obviously, is made from plastic and thus it wont rot.
  • The discreet slim-line 100 liters Slim Space Saving Water Butt can fit into the tightest space in any garden or allotment. It has a capacity of 100 liters with an RRP of £26.99.

We reviewed the latter one last year and the more water buts you use and can join together the better. Make use of every drop of rain that falls onto the roofs on your property. Don't let any of it go into the storm drains and be allowed to run away.

Sankey also provides a range of water butt stands, water diverter kits, water butt links and spare taps.

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