REM helps Gloucestershire farmhouse cut heating bills by 50%

With energy prices constantly rising, UK homeowners are looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to heat their houses. With the installation of a HybridCube® hot water tank, wood burning stove and two large solar panels at a farmhouse in Gloucestershire, REM has helped to cut the home’s annual heating bills in half – despite the price of oil doubling in the same period.

In 2009, the farmhouse owners required a heating system that would reduce reliance upon depleting oil reserves whilst saving money and making the home more environmentally friendly. After searching the market, Solaris (Solar thermal panels) from renewable energy specialists REM fitted the bill.

These panels connected to their existing boiler and an REM Sanicube® thermal store helped reduce their oil usage significantly as the solar panels not only provide solar hot water but solar heating as well. A corrosion-free plastic hot water thermal store, the corrosion-free plastic hot water tank, the Sanicube® can be used for both hot water storage and as an instantaneous hot water heater. It also can be multifuelled with the solar, wood, oil and in an emergency electric immersion heater providing the necessary heat.

To create an even more energy and cost efficient system, the homeowners upgraded the system with the integration in 2011 of a wood burning stove/boiler into the house and the Sanicube® .

Particularly appealing to the building’s owner was the shape and size of the stove, as well as its adaptability. The tall and slim module easily fits into a kitchen alcove, surrounded by 3ft thick stone walls, which act as a natural radiator and thermal mass store to further improve the system’s performance.

Despite the price of domestic heating oil rising from approximately 35p to 60p – the household spend on oil and wood is less than half it was before the installation. Thanks to a high performance heating and hot water system from REM, this farmhouse in Gloucestershire serves as a perfect example of how simple changes can help to make a positive difference to energy usage, heating bills and the environment.

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