Creation of the World Peace Mosaic Commences

The attainment of world peace by peaceful means is finally a realizable goal.

Wisconsin Dells, WI, March 2012 : A Course In Miracles International has launched a worldwide appeal for individual participation in the creation of the World Peace Mosaic, a massive collage of individually created 4- or 8-inch square tiles, with each tile representing the contributor's pledge and commitment to take personal action for the attainment of peace.

The Peace Mosaic will be unveiled on the United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21) as part of the ten-day celebration of International Forgiveness Week and Weekend of Perfect Peace from September 14th through 23rd, 2012 at the Miracles Healing Center in Wisconsin Dells, WI., USA

The creation of the Peace Mosaic presents, an opportunity for everyone in the world to join in a single purpose of peace, on a scale that has never been attempted before. Every member of every nation is invited to participate, regardless of age, gender, religious- or political affiliation. The only requirement is a sincere desire for peace, and a willingness to take some simple action to achieve it.

In the words of event coordinator, Nancy Reid, “Your part of the Peace Mosaic is a representation of your individual pledge for peace, whatever it may be. The mosaic piece may also include a depiction of the experience that motivates your commitment to peace or an illustration of the results of that commitment. Pledges for peace can be as varied as personal silent moments of prayer, to vows to make amends, to pacts to take action for peace in personal or political scenarios of conflict. The Mosaic Piece itself can be an artful representation of the pledge or a text statement of the pledge.”

Contributors to the Peace Mosaic are encouraged to spread the word in their schools, churches and communities and invite others to join in the project.

Easy-to-follow directions on how to make a tile for the Peace Mosaic and where to send it can be found on the event website:

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