Doing Their Part to Protect the Planet

In an effort to protect the planet for future generations while providing quality products,, a comprehensive new website that features only products that are environmentally friendly, has been launched in Fall last year. focuses on selling items that are essential for any office, home office, or residence. Products for sale include ergonomic chairs, office desks, rugs, outdoor furniture, and much more.

Green products available for purchase on are carefully selected from manufacturers who have taken steps to reduce the impact of their manufacturing process and products on the planet, including reducing energy use. Products are selected from manufacturers who use recycled, sustainable and eco-friendly materials in their products. Many of our products meet a variety of eco-friendly certifications, and all of the products featured on our website are manufactured in the U.S. and Canada, reducing the carbon footprint of getting these products from the manufacturer to a home or office.

"It is very important to us that the products we sell on The Green Product Site are quality products with a low price, but are also from manufacturers who care about the environmental impact they have, and make a conscious effort to improve their processes to benefit the planet," said Jeff Aarons, CEO of only sells products that meet their green standards, which includes reducing the amount of non-sustainable materials used through a green manufacturing process, products made with recycled or eco-friendly materials, and/or GREENGUARD certification. Each individual product listing on the site includes specific reasons why it was selected for, and the manufacturers’ green policy is clearly displayed. features products manufactured by top companies including Global, Balt, Cherryman, Community, Jayhawk Plastics, JSI, Mayline, and Anji Mountain. For a full list of all the products available, all with free shipping, visit

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