Middle England Forced to the Web to Survive the Crunch

London, UK: March, 2012 : Half of the country’s working population is planning to set up a secondary business from their home in order to make ends meet. Four in ten already have.

Cash-strapped Britons are turning to an extra source of income because their overstretched finances mean they have no other choice in the current economic climate.

A new survey of 1000 employed Brits (1) by a leading DIY website builder suggests people are being forced to adopt a sink or swim attitude just to keep their heads above the financial waterline.

They are also being forced to embrace online skills which would otherwise have passed them by.

“This no longer about flogging a few unwanted knick-knacks at a car boot sale to fund a family holiday” says Ray Francis of WebEden.co.uk : “Everything has changed. People are being forced to educate themselves in areas they never thought they would.”

The survey also highlights the strain the country’s middle class is under as it struggles to keep up payments on loans, credit cards and mortgages.

“Families and couples who were once happy to commute to their work in Senior Management and then commute home again to a glass of wine and an evening in front of the television are evidently now dashing back to build their business from their front room or garage,” says Ray.

(1) 1000 UK employed adults independently surveyed by Onepoll

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