New Fun, Educational, Addictive Game Unveiled: Introducing Dizzy Heights

Dizzy Heights is a new game app that combines fun, addictive gaming with questions set to challenge children in areas such as citizenship and the environment. With a library of questions, the app covers a variety of issues effecting young people in communities across the world.

This challenging game takes learning out of the classroom and delivers directly to children themselves. The educational aspect is enveloped into the game-play delivering a naturally immersive experience promoting learning in a fun, interactive way.

The game covers the following citizenship topics:

  • Internet safety and cyber bullying
  • Gangs and knife crime
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Energy saving and the environment
  • The dangers of alcohol, drugs and tobacco

Alex Phennah, Marketing Manager from AP Edutech comments: “When we were looking to develop an app to educate children about citizenship topics, we thought about several ways we could reach children on these issues. Looking at all the traditional educational apps we thought ‘how we can make this learning experience more fun?’ so that children would choose to open the app and engage with it regularly. If I was to choose between a game or an educational app I know what I would choose! So we decided to integrate elements of some of the best games out there by making our game highly addictive and easy to use.”

Initial feedback is that adults are enjoying the game as much as children. With the ability to turn off the questions, and with its quick learning curve, the game is suitable for the whole family to play. But some adults seem to be still playing the game with the questions on and are enjoying the challenge.

The game is available now to download from the Apple App Store, visit for more information and to see a video of the game play.

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