Take ‘The Posture Challenge’ with PosturePlast at the Vitality Show

35,000 visitors are expected at London’s Earls Court between Thursday 22 and Sunday 25 March for the annual Vitality Show; the UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness and wellbeing event aimed predominantly at women.

PosturePlast will be exhibiting at the Vitality Show on stand H362 and visitors to the show will be given the chance to take ‘The Posture Challenge’ with osteopath and PosturePlast inventor Adam Dallison.

‘The Posture Challenge’ involves a free consultation for visitors, in which their posture when sitting, standing, bending and lifting will be analysed. Those who take part will then be given a posture “prescription” with advice on improvements to their posture that may help to improve health and wellbeing.

It is estimated that 80% of adults will experience lower back pain in their lifetime, and poor posture is often cited as a main cause of this common problem. As well as back pain, posture can also have an impact on a range of health problems, physical appearance and emotional wellbeing.

Dallison explains, “Good posture can effectively reduce your height and make you appear shorter than you really are*1 whereas standing straight can instantly make you look up 10 pounds thinner*2.” An added bonus is that when standing tall, the chest is naturally pushed forwards and appears larger, increasing curves in all the right places and posture when sitting can even affect the appearance of cellulite.

An X-shaped adhesive support, it encompasses flexible struts to help keep the wearer’s back in its ‘safe-zone’. It works to gently hold the back in the correct posture, which alleviates back pain and gives uninterrupted healing time. In trials 78% of chronic back pain sufferers got “significant” relief within one week of using PosturePlast.

Based on the proven principles of taping used by osteopaths and physiotherapists for years, PosturePlast gets to work straight away by giving active support when sitting, standing or lifting. By doing this, it not only helps provide fast pain relief, but also works to re-educate and retrain the wearer to have better posture, helping prevent further damage in the future.

Visit PosturePlast on stand H362 at the Vitality Show between Thursday 22 and Sunday 25 March to take part in ‘The Posture Challenge’ and receive a free posture “prescription”.

About PosturePlast:

PosturePlast is a class I medical device, which has been designed by osteopath Adam Dallison to both provide pain relief for lower back pain, as well as helping encourage correct posture in the wearer. By correcting the wearer’s posture, PosturePlast can deliver continuous pain relief and support for up to 48 hours, gives back injuries uninterrupted healing time and works to retrain the wearer’s natural posture. Taking the principles of the clinically proven method of taping, used by osteopaths and physiotherapists for many years, PosturePlast makes it easy for people to use on their own.

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