Anti-hunting note in newspaper

417157_256916641059817_138896729528476_596395_1314231940_n I think I have seen it all now, but then again, I have come across those people myself before; or at least they were similarly disposed. One can but wonder what planet these people actually come from.

It is a little bit like the vegetarians and vegans who, seriously, believe that if the world would stop eating meat and using animal products immediately that all those animals that are about currently on those farms would have a real great life. Yes, in the afterlife, maybe.

The truth is that any such animals no longer being needed for meat or whatever would not be looked after by someone to give them a great life; they would be killed as they would no longer be of any value and also would become a burden on food resources.

Those are the very same people, the ones who write such stuff, who also, I am sure, believe that wool grows on trees, that eggs have nothing to do with chickens and so on. And, alas, it is not just city kids and people who believe this; even kids and some adults living in the countryside do.

Unfortunately those people walk among us and are breathing and, worth still, breeding. The result being even more stupid children which will become even more stupid adults. The gods help us. It is high time that we reconnected with Nature and with reality. Have we really become so disconnected from the Nature and the natural world. It would seem thus.

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