Reduce waste

Reduce waste, especially when going shopping

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

It is all too easy when you go to the shopping centers, what the Americans would call the shopping mall, to fall into the trap of so-called “impulse purchases”.

There is that new PC that has all bells and whistles; this at least the ads and the sales people tell you, or this or that gadget, or shirt, or whatever.

Before you buy any product always thinks as to whether you really, really, need it. All too often, and I know that I am repeating myself here for the umpteenth time, what we perceive as “needs” are nothing but wants and no needs at all.

At times I surely as as guilty as the next person and especially here when it comes to shirts and such. But I already do my shopping for those at so-called “Charity Shops”. That does not really make it any better. I really do not need another shirt. Not for the moment at least. Still I tend to look at the display rails time and again and have to stop myself remembering that my closet is full, and I mean full.

Also consider that there may be things that you don't have to buy as you can actually easily make them yourself cheaply – maybe for nothing to almost nothing – by upcycling this or that item what others regard as waste.

So, maybe, also think: “Can I make it?” and not just only: “Do I need it?” That way even still more waste can be reduced as it is then being reused by being made into something for us to use.

The possibilities, I'd say, are endless, from reusing a clean tin can for a pencil bin or for a scoop for, say, chicken feed, to reusing glass jars from produce as storage jars for all manner of things, to making your own notebooks from single-side printed paper, etc., etc.

So, let's reduce waste by considering DIY from what we have, even waste, before purchase. Is good for the Planet and also good for your wallet.

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