Promoting Safety In The Street And On The Web: Educational Games Teach Internet Safety to Children Online At

Accelerate The Education of Technology and Internet Safety for Children Online

Martial Arts Studio

The Martial Arts Kids’ Club is now offering instructive games that teach children the importance of Technology and Internet Safety. By providing children with the entertainment and educational factor of playing online games, Martial Arts Kids' Club is helping children to learn the importance of staying safe on the Internet.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, of the children who use the Internet, 80% go online at least once a week and five out of five who enter chat rooms will encounter a sexual predator or inappropriate information. This is one of the reasons why Martial Arts Studios all across the country have decided to partner with the Martial Arts Kids’ Club with the hopes to provide resources for children online to learn about Internet and technology safety.

The Martial Arts Kids’ Club is offering many educational games that teach children about the importance of Internet safety. Such games include “Internet Safety Scrabble,” a fun educational word scramble game using Internet safety terms and “Wacky Word Search,” where you search for Internet Safety terms.

“The reason I wanted to be a part of the Martial Arts Kids’ Club was because we wanted to take our kids’ safety to the next level. We teach kids how to protect themselves from bullies and predators on the streets, now we can promote that same safety online where kids need protection more than ever before,” said Duane Brumitt, from Tri-Star Karate.

Children are motivated to play these games with the patented educational reward system Martial Arts Kids’ Club uses. With the patented educational reward system, a child can play a game, earn a virtual currency that correlates to US currency called TUKI Moola and then bid on real stuff in the TUKI Auction. Such items include iPods, books, apparel, posters and more. This system helps children motivate themselves to learn about the harms of the Internet.

The Martial Arts Kids' Club knows the importance of giving children Internet & technology safety skills that will keep them safe online and in the real world. Furthermore, by playing educational games, earning TUKI Moola and bidding on real stuff in the TUKI Auction, children are motivated to educate themselves.

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