Don’t cycle with your iPod or MP3 player

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

General consensus is there is no such thing as safe headphones for cycling (or walking). You need to keep your wits about when you are on the road and any distraction can cost you dearly, it even could cost you your life. So, don't do it.

In a way the same advice goes to walking. I meet zombies every day who hear nothing because they are “wired for sound” and it is too loud, for starters.

Your iPod or MP3 player is fine when you travel by public transport, on trains, etc., but not when you dive a car, cycle or walk.

If you insist to walk with those things plugged into your ears at least have the volume down so you are aware of your surroundings.

In some places around the world it has now become a felony to walk the streets of the towns and cities being wired for sound, such as in NY City. A good idea, methinks, and it should even more so apply to cyclists. You cannot safely cycle and have earphone plugged into your ears or clamped onto them.

So, let's be safe out there cycling and walking and refrain, especially for cycling, from the use of iPods and MP3 players, and such like.

© 2012