With friends like these America needs no enemies

Jewish lobby contemplates “hit” on POTUS

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

It has emerged that representatives of the Jewish community in the USA and, it would appear, also of the Jewish entity in occupied Palestine, apparently are considering a “hit” on the POTUS, currently Obama, but also were contemplating this for GW Bush, and keeping their options open, in case that any US President should ever become in anyway anti-Israel.

It is becoming more than common knowledge that in the United States it has become nigh on a crime to even suggest that Israel could be doing wrong despite the fact that they are no better than the Nazis in their treatment of the Palestinian people. But no, you cannot say that. You are antisemitic then.

Criticizing Israel and Zionism is not being again the Jewish people and is not being anti-Semitic. Even many Jewish leaders of the Orthodox community have concluded that Zionist is the main cause for Antisemitism throughout the world today. But that is not something that one can say without incurring the wrath of the Israeli state and it's agencies.

Had the Iranian president Ahmadinejad suggested something like that the “free” world would be up in arms, and that literally, against that country but when this suggestion comes from the Zionist entity and its representatives and representatives of the Jewish lobby then we kowtow and let it be.

It is time that the Israeli ambassador to the US be summed to the State Department and give some serious words of advice and the immediate cessation of aid to the Zionist state also should be considered.

But then, with the Institute and other Israeli and Jewish intelligence agencies on the loose in the US the threat is probably too great for the government to even contemplate that.

So, who really runs America?

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