Buttloads of Water Saved with Novel Rain Harvesting Product – Hall’s Rainsaver Launch New Unique Solution

Inviting early pre-orders, innovative new British company Hall’s Rainsaver Ltd today announce their brand new hosepipe ban beating and water saving product, the Hall’s Rainsaver Movable Guttering Kit for sheds. The company claims to have the world’s first movable and easiest to fit system that can save more water than ever with just one unit and is hoping to eliminate some of the DIY frustrations that hinder water conservation in the home and garden.

Hall's Rainsaver, Unique solution to rain harvesting and rain diverters

Warrington, England, April 2012 : Four or more water butts around a shed can be filled in no time with just one Rainsaver. The simple to fit unique patent pending bracket is at the heart of the solution, allowing the Rainsaver to be easily moved without tools, even from one side of a shed to the other, to fill multiple containers with rainwater.

A revolutionary product that has been in secret development for almost two years, the Rainsaver is now in production and available to purchase in the second quarter of 2012. The company invites no-commitment pre-ordering as initial stocks are expected to move quickly with a special launch offer at http://hallsrainsaver.com

In contrast to rain diverters and other solutions, the Hall’s Rainsaver requires no tools or complex fixed guttering installations, the movability enables collection of more water and by fitting a shed or similar outbuilding, the water is where it is needed most - in the garden or allotment.

With as many as 30 million outbuildings in the UK (source: shedworking.co.uk), there’s a huge untapped resource for saving water by collecting rainwater, especially in the South and East of England which are suffering hosepipe bans due to water shortages. Rainwater harvesting has practically become a necessity in such regions, and the Rainsaver is an attractive alternative to existing rain diverter technology due to its features and benefits.

Commented Keith Hall, company director and co-inventor, “One of the many benefits of the Rainsaver Gutter Kit is its movability - the potential to fill up as many water containers as you can fit. It also doesn’t need any tools to install, in fact it’s so easy to put up, you could probably do it blindfolded! Gardeners with allotment sheds are particularly attracted to our solution as there are limited alternatives available.”

The kit includes everything required to collect rainwater (except the butt), and is made from weather resistant recyclable materials including quality brand standard guttering. The company has recently begun production manufacturing and is now accepting pre-order registrations on its website in time for first shipments which are expected to be around the end of May.

Details can be found at hallsrainsaver.com

About Hall’s Rainsaver
Hall’s Rainsaver was designed to fulfil the needs of many gardeners and allotment owners by providing a system that is not only really simple to fit, but allows for movement to fill up multiple water containers without any additional plumbing or DIY knowledge. Save a shedload of water!

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