The Growers Exchange Reveals Top Herbs for Spring

The Growers Exchange shares the top culinary, medicinal and aromatic herbs seen in gardens Spring 2012

Charles City, VA, April 2012 : The National Garden Bureau has designated 2012 as The Year of the Herb, and gardeners are planting both traditional and exciting new varieties, according to The Growers Exchange, a leading online purveyor of herbs.

“Some of the bestselling herbs for spring may surprise gardeners,” says Briscoe White, head farmer of The Growers Exchange. “Stevia, rue and comfrey are ranking near the top.

“Each year the best sellers vary,” he explains. “A TV chef only needs to mention stevia and all of a sudden everyone wants to grow it in their garden.”

As a matter of fact, stevia is the fastest growing all-natural sweetener. It is 300 times sweeter than processed sugar and has little to no calories, and according to White, it’s easy to grow in your garden. “Stevia may be healthier for diabetics because it does not raise blood glucose levels.” He adds, “The leaves themselves are incredibly sweet, it’s like herbal candy.”

Another surprise on the best selling herb list is rue. Considered a good luck charm by many cultures, rue is rumored to bring good fortune, especially around New Year’s. The herb's strong aroma makes it both a great ornamental for butterflies and a deterrent to insects and garden pests like deer, rabbits and slugs. Plus, rue is drought resistant.

Another medicinal herb on the top 10 list is comfrey. When used externally, comfrey can reduce inflammation from sprains and broken bones. It makes a mild astringent for ulcers and sores and is a great herb for after sun care. “Steep fresh comfrey in water, strain the leaves and let it cool,” explains Briscoe. “Then soak the sunburned areas in the cooled tea to help reduce pain, discomfort, and promote healthy skin regeneration.”

Other best selling aromatic herbs from The Growers Exchange include scented geranium 'Citronella,' lavender and catnip, all popular but very different. “About two thirds of cats are susceptible to catnip,” White explains, “but it is not for cats only. It makes a sedative tea for humans and is terrific at keeping mosquitoes away.”

Other top selling culinary herbs for 2012 are bay, lemongrass and rosemary. The best selling medicinal herbs also include patchouli and eucalyptus. To find out more about these and other culinary, medicinal and aromatic herbs, visit The Growers Exchange at

The Growers Exchange is an online nursery specializing in an array of herbs, flowers and indoor herb kits. With over 25 years of experience, this family farm has become the industry standard for herb growing and provides high quality, healthy plants and products shipped directly to your door. These plants have been featured on the Martha Stewart show, in movies, in many notable publications and are grown naturally, without harsh chemicals.

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