Leading Green Job Search Engine Reports Dramatic Increase in Green Job Postings in 1st Quarter 2012

The Green Job Bank reports that the first quarter of 2012 saw a dramatic increase in the number of green job postings compared to the same period in 2011.

Baltimore, MD, April 2012 : The Green Job Bank announced today that it saw a dramatic increase in the number of US-based green job postings in the first quarter of 2012. The green job search engine indexed 36,500 green job postings during the quarter, more than double the 16,300 green jobs it indexed in the first quarter of 2011.

The Green Job Bank indexes green jobs from many sources on the web, including the websites of green employers, green recruiters, green non-profit organizations, green trade associations, and green job boards.

The increase was steady from December 2011 to March 2012, with 13,600 in December 2011, 15,500 in January, 16,300 in February and 20,900 in March. While the green job search engine has increased the number of sources it indexes green jobs from, this increase alone does not account for the total increase in postings.

"This increase in green job postings is due to the growth of the green economy. It is the proof that the market for renewable energy, clean technology and environmental projects is healthy, and growing at a steady pace," said Bernard Ferret, Founder and CEO of The Green Job Bank.

Of the 36,500 green jobs postings indexed during the first quarter of 2012, 10,300 are still active and less than 30 days old, and 500 are still active and are between 30 and 60 days old. Some older postings are still present on the origin websites from which they were found, and may still be open, but the Green Job Bank removes them from its index after 60 days to ensure freshness.

The top US States are California, in undeniable first place with 1,900 active jobs, Texas in second position with 745 jobs, and New York in third place with 648. Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, DC and Illinois complete the list of the top 10. 380 job postings are virtual or do not include a state.

The top green employers hiring the most are well known renewable energy companies First Solar, REC solar, Solar City, SunEdison, and Vestas; energy management companies EnerNOC, Locus Technologies, and OPower; energy storage maker A123 Systems; EV automaker Tesla Motors; the Federal Government at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; and environmental and energy infrastructure companies AECOM, AMEC, Cardno ENTRIX, ERM, and URS Corp.

About The Green Job Bank

With well over 10,000 current green job postings, The Green Job Bank is the leading search engine for green jobs. The search engine, which was launched in 2009, crawls the web daily to provide the freshest listings available from thousands of websites. The listings come from green employers, green recruiters, non-profit organizations, trade associations, research labs, green job boards, and venture funded green startups. The site includes a directory of hundreds of green employer profiles and green education programs, enabling job seekers to research easily the green companies for which they want to work, and the training and certifications they need to obtain their dream green job.

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