National Trust Opts For British Made Eco Friendly Chicken Coops By Easy Animal

The National Trust have just taken delivery of their first eco friendly British made chicken coop. After looking for something to replace their old wooden coops they opted to by the new Carefree Chicken Coop.

Carefree Chicken Coops

Head gardener Nick Swankie of the National Trusts Benthall Hall in Telford chose these eco friendly chicken coops as they offer a hygienic and durable solution for his chickens.

Manufactured from recycled plastic means that the Carefree Coops are so simple to clean and they also deter the dreaded red mite which is so prevalent in wooden coops. The Carefree Coops made by Brinsea a real breakthrough in hen house design as they are just so easy to set up and therefore can easily be moved around your garden, they all come flat packed and can be put up in minutes and each comes with an optional welded mesh green run .

These Carefree Coops are an exciting new development in chicken coop design, the real benefit though over wooden coops is just how easy they are to clean, they have a unique clip system so the whole side of the coop removes allowing easy access for cleaning purposes, in addition they have a slide out floor so there are no excuses to keep this really clean.

The Carefree Coops are raised slightly from the floor to reduce problems with rodents and the great news is that they come with a huge 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Historically most chicken coops are manufactured from wood but the real problem is that wood deteriorates so quickly and requires annual attention and coating. A wooden coop may only have a three year lifespan so many chicken owners are looking for a longer life product and recycled plastic fits the bill.

Another big problem with wooden chicken coops is that they harbour red mite and they are nearly impossible to clean so this can cause health problems for your chickens. The Carefree Coop has very few crevices so its a difficult surface for mites and parasites to infiltrate, also the huge benefit of the carefree Coops is that these can be power washed down to maintain a clean living environment for your chickens, this was one of the main reasons that the National trust chose Carefree Coops.

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