“Join The Staycation Trend Without The Hassle”: Handiworld

With UK holidays on the up, roof rack company HandiWorld explains why staycations don’t have to be stressful

London, UK, April 2012 : Staycations don’t have to be stressful, according to UK roof rack company HandiWorld – all you need is the right attitude and the right equipment.

Staycationing – taking a holiday within the UK - is on the up. VisitEngland released figures last week showing that over 104 million overnight journeys were taken in the UK in 2011, a nine per cent increase on 2010 – and with purse strings tighter than ever, the trend shows no sign of abating.

“At HandiWorld we welcome the new trend for staycations, there is so much to explore on our own doorsteps,” said HandiWorld Managing Director Toby Davis.

“UK holidays don’t have to be dull. More people are realising that by travelling by car they can take all kinds of sports and other equipment with them, so when they arrive at their destination, they’re ready to go out and have fun straight away.”

HandiWorld, producer of the world’s first tough and durable inflatable car roof rack, recently released the HR20, designed to carry lighter loads such as surf boards, canoes, kayaks and SUP boards.

“Our most recent product, the HR20, is designed to cater to holidaymakers who want to do just that,” said Davis. “It’s able to carry light but bulky equipment with the minimum of hassle, meaning you can transport all your sports gear without the hassle associated with regular roof racks.

“The HR20 is also built to be fuel-efficient, meaning that staycationers could potentially save money on petrol as well as flights,” he added.

Toby Davis gives his top three tips for a hassle-free staycation:

1.    Always bring the right equipment. Making a list beforehand, and taking the weather into account, can help you prepare
2.    Make sure everyone has something to do – a staycation looking at museums might be delightful for the parents, but younger kids are going to need something more active
3.    Concentrate on activities for the whole family – if you can join in together you can make sure everyone’s involved and having fun – and the trip will be that much more memorable as a result

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