Revolutionary Japanese Laundry Airers Comes to the UK

Aisen’s range of innovative laundry airers display a combination of design, practicality and convenience never seen before. Their ability to hang over doors, wall hooks, rails and much more saves you space and time. While standard laundry airers either have a bulky and awkward design or have to be frequently replaced due to their poor construction, Aisen’s product quality is yet another testament to Japans reputation for high standards.

Aisen’s Popular Foldable Laundry Airer

Aisen's products have won numerous awards including the ‘Good Design Award’ and are recognised throughout East Asia, especially in their native Country of Japan. It’s not hard to see why.

Soon enough, we’ll also have the chance to get our hands on these laundry airers once they arrive over this side of the pond. How they were discovered was almost by pure accident.

“I was actually trying to figure out what to get my Mum for Christmas and I ended up on a website selling weird and wonderful products from Japan”. Recalls Samuel Ha, Managing Director of Kusha Corporation Ltd., the exclusive distributor for Aisen in the UK & Ireland.

“I browsed pages upon pages of some interesting stuff, but it wasn’t until I saw one of Aisen’s laundry airers that I knew my Mum would not only like it, but would actually find it really useful. So I went to the checkout only to be hit with a ridiculous delivery charge”. After realising that it would be beneficial for many people from parents to students, Samuel took the opportunity in front of him.

“I got in touch with the manufacturers of this neat product and found out that they had an entire range of them! One thing led to another and now I’m very excited to be able to provide such unique and useful products to homes across the UK”.

Aisen Laundry Airers will be on available in various stores throughout the UK from mid-May. They’re also available to pre-order from Amazon. There are seven models ranging from £7.99 - £19.99.

You can watch the product demonstrations on Youtube below.


Reviews of some Aisen products shall follow shortly.