KYOCERA Document Solutions (KYOCERA) was a winner for the third consecutive year at the Green IT Awards ceremony on 19th April. Nominated in 5 categories, KYOCERA won ‘Environmental Project of the Year over 100 Employees’ for its Managed Document Services activity with insurance giant RSA and was runner-up in the categories for Manufacturer of the Year and Green IT Magazine’s Company of the Year.
Tracey Rawling Church, Director of Brand & Reputation, KYOCERA Document Solutions said: “We’re delighted to have won a Green IT Award for the third year running. Only one other company has achieved three consecutive wins, so we consider it a significant achievement. The awards mean a great deal to us as the results are a combination of the judges’ deliberations and votes from Green IT Magazine’s readership. It’s great to be involved with such an inspiring event and we were gratified to have our work in sustainability recognised with three separate awards on the evening.”

KYOCERA Document Solutions partnered with RSA’s chosen Technology Project Management Partner Accenture who was selected to manage the end to end project from Business Case through to Service Transition. Accenture’s methodology aimed to create an agile infrastructure that is manageable, cost effective and minimally disruptive to on-going business operations and Accenture expected its partners to do the same. This ensured that the client benefited from a measurably more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that scaled and adapted to their business and environmental needs.

Sivaraja Sivanesan of Accenture said: “The quality of project services at KYOCERA was very high from the engineers, logistics team and project management. We went through an extensive tendering exercise with RSA and KYOCERA came out near top in most aspects, but the key differentiators were the people and product.”

Called Simplifying Print through Enhancement and Consolidation (SPEC), KYOCERA’s project rationalised the insurance giant’s print estate, improving productivity by efficiently deploying hardware, reducing consumables waste, lowering energy consumption by 55% and delivering estimated cost savings of GBP400,000 within 12 months.

Based on KYOCERA’s Managed Document Solutions (MDS), the company’s Project SPEC activity optimised RSA’s entire document output process - from capturing to archiving, workflows to security and environmental impact. Kyocera’s entry for the award documented the actual reductions achieved in energy use and paper consumption using data drawn from the management intelligence software that forms the basis for the managed service.

James De Watteville, CIO at RSA said: “The cost, productivity and environmental benefits have met or exceeded all of our expectations. We are now at the stage where we can look beyond the initial deployment to identify other print-related efficiency opportunities, such as expanding the deployment to include home-based workers and mainframe printing. Our spend on printing over the next five years will shrink from GBP7.5million to GBP2.5million and our focus now is to work with KYOCERA to continue optimising the system to ensure that cost savings and efficiency gains continue.”

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