Rowse Honey fights to save the honeybees with personalised plants on Facebook

Rowse Honey – the UK’s favourite honey provider – are embarking on a very social challenge to make Britain a better place for bees.

Rowse Honey busy bees

Rowse Honey are aiming to handwrite over 5,000 messages on flowers and distribute them to community gardens up and down the country. Members of the public are able to have their own flower planted with their message to the bees written on it from the Rowse Honey Facebook page.

Honey fans that want to join Rowse, are able to write the bees a thank you message on Twitter or on the Facebook timeline with the hashtag #busybees. Rowse Honey will take that message, handwrite it on a label, and plant it with that person's own bee friendly flower. What better way to say thank you for the honey?

Over the past three years, Rowse have invested heavily into research that identifies the most bee-friendly plants in the UK. Armed with this information they are determined to give back to the BusyBees that work so hard to put honey on our tables. Hopefully the bees will pick up on all the good vibrations we’re sending them, if not at least they have a load more of their favourite flowers to keep them happy.

The campaign was conceived by AnalogFolk with media planning and buying from Zenith Optimedia

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