B2B eTrader Launches a Website to Help Businesses Dramatically Reduce Costs

One of the biggest challenges that most businesses are dealing with is increased competition. This is placing pressure on a number of firms to lower their costs. The problem is that most individuals do not understand what is happening until it is too late. This is when the odds increase that they will go into bankruptcy. B2B eTrader is helping companies to adjust with these transformations through their next generation online marketplace.

St. Petersburg, FL, April 2012 : Over the last several years, globalization and advancements in technology have been changing the way that businesses are reaching out to customers. At the same time, the tough economic conditions are making it harder for a number of firms to adapt. In many cases, established companies are forced to file for bankruptcy because of these issues. Evidence of this can be seen by looking at statistics from the American Bankruptcy Institute. They found that the total number of bankruptcies in 2011 was 47,806. This is higher than the 19,965 that were reported in 2006 (the year before the beginning of the financial crisis). To make matters worse, the slow recovery has caused many consumers to remain cautious in their spending. To deal with these kinds of challenges all businesses must utilize those tools that will lower costs. B2B eTrader is one area that is helping a variety of firms to address these issues.

What is B2B eTrader?

B2B eTrader is an online business marketplace that is taking classified advertising to another level. The way that this occurring through: integrating social networking with traditional classified advertising (by directly connecting buyers and sellers for free). Any size business can use this resource to: find the products, services and equipment they need.

The Cost Benefits of Using B2B eTrader

The cost benefits of using B2B eTrader are that businesses can directly find the products or services they are looking for. The way that this occurs is through connecting with other organizations that have something they want to: buy, sell or trade. Making it ideal for companies to buy, sell, or trade used equipment, like restaurant equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, heavy equipment, farm equipment and more. At the same time, the online marketplace allows users to directly connect with whole sellers and suppliers. To improve the effectiveness of the search, the individual has the option of targeting those parties that are within a specific zip code. The combination of these factors will give firms greater amounts of flexibility. As they can, quickly find what they are looking for and then make the purchase using the lowest amounts of upfront investment capital. This is addressing the most critical issues that are affecting a company (which is increasing productivity and reducing costs). Over the long term, this will help businesses to adjust with sudden changes in the economy. This is how they will remain profitable by utilizing tools that will improve their competitiveness.

Clearly, the world economy is dramatically changing from: globalization, advancements in technology and the stagnant recovery. This is exposing a number of firms’ weaknesses in their business models (which is increasing the total amounts of bankruptcies). To deal with these challenges prudent owners, entrepreneurs and professionals are using B2B eTrader. The free online marketplace is allowing them to directly connect with the other party and whole sellers. At the same time, the state of the art tools (using: social media and traditional online strategies) is intelligently finding the largest target audience. This is reducing costs and addressing critical needs for business (which increases productivity). Once this takes place, is when a firm is more competitive by lowering their liabilities. This is will help them to maintain market share and effectively adjust with any transformations.

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