ADAS looking for locations for renewable energy projects on rural sites around Great Britain at no cost to landowners

Environmental and agricultural consultancy ADAS is offering a zero risk development partnership with landowners for suitable renewable energy projects covering single wind turbine, anaerobic digestion and solar PV whereby ADAS will pay all feasibility, planning and development costs.

Upon successful completion of planning, ADAS will install and operate single wind turbines, anaerobic digestion plants and solar PV panels. The landowner will receive a share of the gross revenue from the projects. For single wind turbines this equates to 15 per cent per annum of the gross revenue. For an average wind site this is estimated to be in excess of £30,000 per year.

ADAS is encouraging interested landowners to attend one of its renewable energy events to discuss opportunities with an expert who will assess the land for a range of technologies, free of charge.

Jon Abbatt, Head of Environment at ADAS said: “We will be hosting events around the country in May focusing on renewable energy options on farms.

“Any interested landowners are welcome to attend, presentations will be given during the course of the event on wind energy, anaerobic digestion and solar PV and you will have the opportunity to chat to our experts about getting involved.

ASDA EventsThe presentations will begin at 1.30pm and will last for approximately 40 minutes. At the Northumberland and Durham events an additional session will be run at 10.30am.

About ADAS

ADAS is the company’s registered trading name and is not an acronym.

ADAS Group is the UK’s largest independent agricultural and environmental consultancy, and provider of rural development and policy advice aimed at the two major issues of our time; securing food supply and enhancing the environment.

ADAS provides independent science-based research, consultancy and contracting services to a wide range of organisations in both the private and public sectors, throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally. ADAS’s core disciplines are focused around the food chain and the interaction of man with the living, growing environment and ensuring its future sustainability. Through Envar the Group provides innovative waste management solutions that deliver value and profit from a range of waste materials. The Group has over 600 staff covering more than 60 specialisms, operating from a network of offices and research sites in England, Scotland and Wales.

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