No Cyclone, No Bag, No Dust Clouds, No Cord

AirRAM_Standing_sml London, UK, April 24, 2012 : British design specialist, Gtech launches AirRAM™, its first cordless vacuum cleaner utilising ground breaking technology that heralds the biggest evolution in vacuum development during the last 20 years. Despite banishing cyclones, bags, dust clouds, cords and using only 100 Watts of electricity, AirRAM™ outperforms the UK’s leading mains powered and cordless vacuums and launches exclusively in John Lewis stores nationwide priced £229.00 from 24th April 2012.

The Worcester-based company commissioned industry standard, independent laboratory tests carried out by IBR Laboratories (IBR UK Ltd)1 in which the Gtech AirRAM™ was proven to outperform leading mains powered vacuums by Dyson and Vax.2 When IBR Laboratories also tested against the leading selling cordless products by Dyson and Vax,3 AirRAM™ had three times the cleaning performance and up to six times the runtime.

What’s even more astounding is that unlike other cordless products, AirRAM™ has all the performance (and more) of its mains powered predecessors yet uses less than one twentieth of the electricity of a 2000W mains vacuum. Using only 100 watts of electricity to deliver this performance, AirRAM™ can save up to an astounding £252 in electricity bills over a five year period. Its lightweight and ergonomic design coupled with cordless feature also means you can easily take AirRAM™ upstairs and downstairs reaching into every corner of your home.

How does AirRAM™ work?

AirRAM™’s unique technology has been developed by Gtech founder and MD, Nick Grey, he says: “Most vacuum cleaners suck dirt through long narrow tubes and spin it around cyclones or into bags. To do this effectively they need power to burn, anything up to 2000 Watts in fact which can be expensive and despite the high power, they aren’t necessarily as efficient in picking up the dirt as you’d think. AirRAM™ technology collects and compresses the dirt dust and fluff into tidy, dust-free bales stored only 5cm’s from where it is collected, making it highly energy efficient and effective in cleaning your floors. The dust-free bales are then simply dropped into the bin with no messy dust cloud.”

Gtech AirRAM™ key features include:

  • Superior Cleaning Performance; AirRAM™’s highly efficient dust collection technology outperforms leading mains and cordless vacuums using only 100W energy consumption

  • Cordless Power; AirRAM™’s power comes from a professional-grade 22V Li-ion battery, making it capable of cleaning even the largest and busiest of homes on a single charge

  • Energy Efficient; AirRAM™ is over 20 times more energy efficient than leading mains powered vacuum cleaners saving up to £252 on energy bills over a five year period. AirRAM™ is the only vacuum that would currently qualify for ‘A’ rating energy efficiency

  • Run-time; three times longer than any other cordless vacuum

  • Lightweight; less than half the weight of a standard mains vacuum, with cordless manoeuvrability

  • Easy, Clean Emptying; unique high capacity dirt collection with cleaner emptying

  • Data Bridge; AirRAM™’s unique data bridge allows you to talk to its onboard computer via USB connected to your PC. Calculate the electricity you have saved, check the condition of the F.U.E.L system and even see how many calories you have burnt whilst cleaning! With an internet connection you can also find cleaning and user information or get live support from Gtech staff and leave feedback about your AirRAM™ experience

  • Warranty; 5 years

The cordless revolution : History shows that once a fully capable cordless version of a product comes onto the market, corded versions lose value and become niche. “Phones, kettles and drills were all tethered to sockets not so long ago but although cordless vacuums have been around since the sixties, they have not usurped their mains-powered counterparts. This is due to two fundamental problems, poor cleaning performance and limited run time,” explains Grey. “The perception is that today’s high powered vacuum cleaners are state-of-the-art giving unrivalled efficiency and performance but now AirRAM™ challenges the market leaders bringing a new era of technological change with true mains performance achieved for the first time ever from a cordless vacuum cleaner,” he concludes.

Yat Wong-Jones, buyer for small electrical appliances at John Lewis says, “We are very excited about the exclusive arrival of the new AirRAM™. Our customers appreciate innovative designs combined with the latest technologies, which deliver great performance as well as added value. We expect this new state of the art vacuum cleaner to be extremely popular.”

The innovative Gtech AirRAM™ will change the way you vacuum your home forever, making cleaning faster, easier and more convenient. Be part of the cordless revolution today with your very own AirRAM™. Available from John Lewis stores nationwide exclusively from 24 April 2012 priced £229 or visit or

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Notes to Editors

  1. IBR is an A2LA accredited, independent, laboratory providing testing services for the detection and analysis of particulate contamination and verification of filtration performance. IBR provides accurate rapid turnaround oil, fuel, air, water and medical filter testing and particulate cleanliness determination for critical applications. Applications include consumer product performance such as vacuum cleaners and room air purifiers, automotive, compressor, HVAC, Medical and process filtration. Laboratories are located in USA and England.

  2. IBR Test Data Summary follows

  3. The vacuum has come a long way since the late 1800s when Booth marketed the first vacuum cleaner drawn by horses. Hoover revolutionised the market in 1908 but between the 1930s to the 1980s, there was no real development until Vax and Dyson owned the market with innovations through the 80s to late 90s. Since then the industry has experienced another dearth in technological advancement. AirRAM heralds a new era of technological change.

1 See ‘notes to editors’ for laboratory accreditation

2 See IBR Test Data Summary for further information

3 See IBR Test Data Summary for further information

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