Garden Media Group Reveals Top Garden Trends for 2012 Cultivate the New Good Life with the Power of Plants Part III

Garden Media Group looks at Water Watching, the ‘Seedlings’ trend and a sneak peek into what’s upcoming for 2013

Soil Reef Biochar soil amendment

Philadelphia, PA, April 2012 : Garden Media Group, the leading public relations agency and trend spotters for green living, unveils more green living trends to cultivate the good life, with the power of plants.

“Plants are not a luxury, but a necessity,” says Susan McCoy, trendspotter and gardening expert for the Philadelphia firm.

Plants can live without us, but we really can’t live without them

Ongoing studies worldwide reveal plants are vital for health and well being, elicit powerful positive emotions, revive neighborhoods, and influence everything from food to life’s milestones.

“We have a healthy co-dependency with the plant kingdom defined by the 3 V’s: Vital, Vogue and Voyage, that impact all aspects of our lives,” McCoy explains. “Plants are necessary for health (Vital); for their versatility and ability to elicit emotions (Vogue); and for their cross-cultural influence (Voyage).”

She says that "plants can live without us, but we really can’t live without them.”
Here’s what McCoy and her team see trending now and on the horizon for 2013 and beyond.

“There is no single issue greater than water,” says Dr. Charlie Hall, professor of horticulture at Texas A & M. Recent drought and regional water restrictions are causing people to grow plants, flowers and vegetables with less water.

Beneficial soil amendments like the new Soil Reef biochar are considered by many scientists to be a like a “coral reef” for soil. Its high carbon content and porous nature help soil retain water and nutrients, saving gardeners time and money.

New Bloomtastic! plants from Hines Growers use EcoCover mulch discs to help save water and reduce weeds. Plants like Bougainvillea Patio Trees are drought tolerant and give vibrant multi-color flowers for your patio, deck and porch all summer long.

From the White House to the neighborhood schools, kids are learning how to grow food and take care of the planet. McCoy says the popularity of miniature gardens is ideal for kids and the young at heart to share the whimsical world of plants and appreciate the joy of gardening.

Still “hot” are edible landscapes, terrariums, vertical gardening and miniature plants in small containers.

The Garden Media Group team shares a sneak peek at the cool garden and green living trends that are looming on the horizon.

Look for woodland casual, foraging for food, your “water footprint”, herbs, spices, re-suburbia, heritage, and air plants to come on strong in 2013 and beyond.

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