Water Butts; Why You Need One This Summer

Water butts have been around for a long time, but recent figures show that they are largely on the increase in the average UK household. There are many reasons for this fluctuation, which will be covered by the experts at GardenToolbox... http://www.gardentoolbox.co.uk

GardenToolbox explains the benefits of water butts - money saving & economical

Just a few ideas of why a water butt can be extremely useful have been included below. For a 'full-fat' view of the article, head on over to the GardenToolbox website.

By now, everyone has heard of the hosepipe bans being implemented in the southern parts of England and even across some of the midland areas. This coupled with rising water rates is increasing pressure for people to switch to greener, more environmentally friendly alternatives. Obviously, one of the most common alternatives is implementing water butts around the house to recycle rain water.

Not only is this eco-friendly, but also a morally good thing to do; your next door neighbours will be mightily impressed. Having a water butt provides a lot of other benefits which the knowledgeable chaps from GardenToolbox have explained below.

Scott Morris, Marketing Manager at GardenToolbox and a general DIY enthusiast commented on why he has several water butts dotted around his house. “As prices are constantly on the increase, it makes sense to make an investment for the future, having a water-butt won’t pay for itself in a few months; but over the space of a couple of years you will easily save the original cost. That’s just going based on the water prices at current; undoubtedly they will rise, which means you will see a return on investment even quicker than you might have anticipated!”

So, cost is one factor that should entice water butt purchasing, what are the others?

James Cook, Web Admin in the marketing department explained some other advantages of a water butt. “I have quite an OCD for car cleaning and one of the main reasons why I bought my Sankey water butt was so I could continue to do this during hosepipe bans. Better yet, you can attach a water butt pump to a pressure washer or hose to clean the car, this means you can still prewash it using snow foam and rinse it off without taking 20 minutes to wet it with a watering can.”

James carried on explaining even more useful features of water butts. “In our area, the tap water is extremely hard and this can dry on the car and cause horrendous water marks. Rain water is a lot softer and 99% of the time doesn’t have this effect; however, if you’re in a high pollution area, acidic rain is more likely – be careful of this. If you aren’t a car washing enthusiast, but a green thumb, rain water will also benefit your garden much more than tap water. It contains far more nutrients and will be much better for your plants, helping them to grown and gain colour; at least, that’s what my mum tells me.”

In conclusion, harvesting some of the 85,000 litres of water that collects on household roofs every year may very well be a good thing, both financially and for the environment.

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