New Earth Day 2012 Infographic by WordStream

WordStream’s Earth Day 2012 Infographic Reflects the Internet’s Growing Impact on the Environment

Earth Day 2012 Infographic

Boston, MA, April 2012 : WordStream Inc., a provider of PPC management software, today released an Earth Day 2012 Infographic in commemoration of Earth Day 2012 that illustrates the internet’s impact on the planet.

Some results of the growing influence of the internet include:

  •     In 2005, the United States had a total of 10.3 million data centers, and in that year consumed enough energy to power the UK for 2 months with 61,000,000,000 kWh.
  •     40% of the US workforce could potentially work from home, although only 2.5% do.
  •     If 40% of US workers would telecommute 2 days a week, carbon emissions would be reduced by 53 million metric tons a year.
  •     Internet search engine produces 260,000 kg of CO2 every month in order to process searches.
  •     A single spam email produces the equivalent of 0.3 grams of CO2.
  •     With 62 trillion spam emails sent each year, spam emails produce the CO2 equivalent of 1.6 million cars driving around the entire Earth.

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