Aisen Foldable 30-Peg Laundry Airer – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Want to reduce your environmental footprint drying your laundry? The use line drying, a drying rack and/or a laundry airer.

LK421 Aisen Products from Japan, now also available in the UK (I don't know about the USA and elsewhere) have a great solution for the small home – or any home, in fact – in the form of the foldable 30-peg laundry airer. It can be used almost anywhere in the home and folds up small so that it does not take up much space when storing it. Not that you'll do much of that, I can guarantee you. It is so useful.

The Aisen Foldable 30-Peg Laundry Airer may not be suitable for the hanging up of heavy items, though I will give it a try with some pants next time, but for one's smalls such as underwear, socks, T-shirts and such it is absolutely ideal.

I gave the Aisen Foldable 30-Peg Laundry Airer a trial run the other day with a fair load of small items of laundry and they dried in the bathroom in less than 24 hours, despite being all of cotton, which is a material that does take a while to dry.

While the Aisen Foldable 30-Peg Laundry Airer may not have dried the items as fast as would have been the case had I put them on the central heating radiators, as I used to do, the results of using this Aisen airer are much better.

Using, as so people do, a dryer, which uses an awful lot of energy, whether electricity of gas, and thus also of your money, investing in a drying device that does not require the use of electricity or such, such as the Aisen Foldable 30-Peg Laundry Airer, brings benefits to your wallet, the Planet and even your clothes.

Why do I say that drying your clothes on the line or an airer or rack benefits your clothes?

The answer is quite simple actually because the truth is that the heat from a dryer and the tumbling action greatly reduced the lifespan of your clothes and that again also means that using a dryer costs you money in more than one way.

Go nature – no, I don't mean naked – and use the line, a rack or an airer to dry your clothes.

The Aisen Foldable 30-Peg Laundry Airer is a great (little) device for drying your clothes; no ifs or buts, and I am happy to endorse it.

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