Vapestick hits the streets with in-store demo teams and face-to-face sampling

Hot on the heels of the first national radio campaign for electronic cigarettes, Vapestick has embarked on an in-store sampling campaign at TESCO Pharmacies around the UK

London, UK, April 2012 : Vapestick is at the forefront of development and innovation in the e-cigarette industry, helping to take these products into the mainstream. The UK-based company manufacture a full range of e-cig products and accessories aimed at smokers looking for a healthier alternative to tobacco, that they can use anywhere and will save them money.

Following a successful national radio campaign to announce the Vapestick launch in Tesco Pharmacies, the first of its kind in the UK, the company continues to lead the way in e-cigarette marketing and promotions, this time placing sampling teams in Tesco stores, to demonstrate their electronic cigarettes portfolio.

Sited in Tesco Pharmacies of varying sizes around the UK, these sampling teams have been giving Tesco shoppers the opportunity to try out these products. Following the hugely successful national launch in Tesco, Vapestick have been building on this in the best way possible – by actually letting smokers see, touch and try their products, often for the first time.

Vapestick’s Executive Chairman, Michael Clapper, said, “I never tire of seeing the look on a smoker’s face the first time they try a Vapestick. When they first come up to us they’re usually a bit curious, and mainly sceptical, but after trying it, almost every time their faces light up in disbelief, and they are usually sold, there and then. Those smokers that need further persuasion are usually convinced by the cost savings achievable, or the fact that it's far healthier than tobacco, or just because they can use it in all those places where smoking is banned”.

Vapestick’s market-leading e-cigarette products have been on a remarkable upward trend since launch two years ago. The time and investment made into design and product development have made this UK brand the “must-have” vaping device. The recent national listing in Tesco Pharmacies, coupled with an aggressive marketing strategy and interactive social media activities have made Vapestick even more widely sought-after, both on and off-line. Unlike many other brands in the market, Vapestick has strived to create a stylish, reliable and easy-to-use product range for the mainstream market, and one that delivers on its promises. It is this, combined with a focus on quality and compliance that has led to them to be selected by many of the UK’s top retailers, often as their sole electronic cigarette brand.

With other leading retailers stocking Vapestick products, such as Argos, Costco and Harrods, and with a newly redesigned website, Vapestick products now have universal accessibility for those smokers seeking a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

The cost savings that Vapestick delivers to users is another key reason why the brand is on the ascendancy. Smokers can save over 75% on their costs by switching from cigarettes to Vapestick products. In cash terms, that can equate to over £2,200 a year. And with no tar, no carbon monoxide and none of the other 4,000 plus chemicals found in normal cigarette smoke, vaping is undoubtedly a healthier alternative to smoking.

Vapestick products also have the convenience advantage over traditional tobacco products. As they do not contravene the UK’s stringent anti-smoking laws, Vapestick electronic cigarettes can be used almost everywhere – inside and out. With no second-hand smoke to endanger others and with their signature blue light on the tip of every Vapestick, you’ll no doubt be seeing more and more people using their Vapesticks in pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and pretty much everywhere else.

About Vapestick

Vapestick is a UK based company that provides high quality electronic cigarette products to adult smokers looking for a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. In the past two years, sales growth has outperformed the market due to a combination of innovation, quality, design and pricing. For more information on Vapestick call 0800 011 4312 or visit

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