Does a screen saver save energy?

No, far from it...

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

EcoButtonWeb But you can turn the monitor off, that saves energy (if you use a desktop). You also do not need – far from it – the Eco Button. Your computer has energy saving functions; use them.

Screen savers, on the other hand, do not save energy at all, whatever you may think, or have been led to believe. In fact they use a great deal of energy as the computer, in fact, is processing buy running the screen savers. Also, screen savers are about Noah's age and are no longer needed today.

The Eco Button, which I have mentioned above, is a gadget that people will like to sell you with the claim that it will save you energy in your computer usage and that it, thus, is going to save CO2. To say that the marketeers for this products are a little on the economic side with the truth would be a serious understatement. The Eco Button just is another version of the sleep function that your PC or Laptop actually comes with. So why would you, therefore, need a gadget that – unless someone is giving it to you on a trade show or such (and if you can refuse it) – costs you up to $20?

Use your computer's energy saving functions. That's what they are there for. But the screen saver function is NOT one of them.

Every computer operating system is different and the keyboard controls that work with Microsoft Windows computers will not work, in general, with a Linux computer, for instance.

If you use a desktop, and as far as I am concerned, despite the fact that, according to sources a laptop uses up to 90% less energy than a desktop PC, as far as sustainability goes a desktop is the better way, and a CRT monitor then turn the monitor off when you are not using the computer. A CRT monitor is a serious energy hog. If you have an FST monitor then let the computer do it for you. The time is stands idle is fine.

Once again, don't use a screen saver to save energy; it won't work and don't use an Eco Button either.

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