Alliance for Natural Health Europe scaremongering

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Alliance for Natural Health Europe (  is seriously engaged in scaremongering as regards to the new laws regarding herbal remedies being sold in the EU.

On their website the advert states:

Herbs to be outlawed ad This is a misrepresentation of the statute that the EU put into force recently. No one is outlawing herbs, the growing and possession and even medicinal use of same, as long as you do not sell them.

From what I have seen – and I have read the statutes that came into force in the beginning of 2011 – the EU has decided to bring herbal remedies into the realm of pharmaceuticals as far as licensing is concerned and I can well imagine that this is due to pressure by lobbying groups on behalf of the pharma industry. They are one of the largest lobbying sector in the European Parliament and are permanently running after the members there.

But, as far as I am concerned, I do not have to go to the stores to buy my herbal remedies; I can make them myself and that is not being touched in any way, shape or form. Let no one even as much as suggest that.

It would appear from their little advert that the Alliance for Natural Health Europe has a nice little agenda in scaring people and on the back of that making money. A bit like certain people and organizations in the USA who keep scaring people as to FEMA concentrations camps (load of BS obviously), or Chemtrails (which are but condensation trails of aircraft and not chemicals being sprayed), the number of the Beast (bar codes it was first and not we are talking about a microchip implant), etc. And while there are some sinister things going on, no doubt, certain people and groups are using this to earn a tidy little sum on the back of the fears of innocent people.

Grow your own drugs

Grow Your Own Drugs is a book of that title as well and in it ethno-botanist James Wong (see my book review) tell you all you need to know about growing your own herbs for medicinal purposes and how to make up the relevant concoctions. It is a book that I would certainly recommend to all those that wish to retain an ability to use herbs in a medicinal way when the remedies made from them may no longer be able to be had over the counter in a heath food store or a pharmacy, or only for horrendous sums.

Mother Nature has a store full of medicinal plants and all that is required is the knowledge of how to use them and how to extract the oils from them or whatever.

James Wong does explain all that in his book, which accompanied the BBC TV series by the same name, and his book is only one of many. Obtain those books and documents and then see that you are prepared to make your own potions, lotions, tinctures and whatever else. That way you will be prepared should the law become a little more than what it is at present.

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